His evolution is the key to our survival


Jonas lives in Assyria on Earth in the year 327BC and possesses super-human abilities. He is sought out by alien beings, primarily among them is the mysterious Garianne, who is spearheading a fight for survival against a malevolent race known as the Nacuerians.


Jonas must evolve his abilities and ever-growing intellect if he is to have any hope in saving all life from a Galaxy wide invasion. On their journey to Galacien Prime the thriving centre of Galactic Civilisation, Jonas discovers that the situation is far more complex than he first imagined. He discovers that beneath the surface of the on-going war, mysterious forces, each with their own agendas, are at play. Chiefly among them, in Jonas’ mind, are

the mythical and elusive race known as the Kinsmen.


Jonas faces a series of life-threatening conflicts, which, due to his nature, evolve his ability and mind beyond anything believed possible.

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